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3 Beautiful Places In Naivasha That You Can't Miss





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Naivasha is strongly giving other towns in Kenya a run for their money. The Rift Valley town is continuing with its meteoric rise as one of the loveliest places to visit. As much as one can argue that hotels in Naivasha have played an integral role the town isn’t short of amazing places.


Its appeal to corporates and lovers alike can’t be ignored with wedding venues in Naivasha coming up at an incredible speed.

Camping in Naivasha is another significant activity that’s streaming Nairobians to the lake town. Here are a few places you should fancy visiting on your next trip to Naivasha.

Crater lake

With regards to beautiful sceneries in Naivasha, it doesn’t get any better than the crater lake. A product of an extinct volcano, the crater lake has a striking green like color. On your way up, you will be able to view Naivasha brilliantly from above.

The nature trails will also ensure your interaction with the vegetation and animal life is one of a kind.

Lake Oloiden

Being the least popular by most revelers, a trip to lake Oloiden is one to savor. This is because human traffic is at its lowest, therefore, ensuring an intimate moment with nature together with your loved ones.

The lake hosts several families of hippos and it’s also an Exquisite place to indulge in a sunrise or sunset.

Hells Gate National Park

A trip to Naivasha is deemed incomplete without a stop at the famous Hells Gate National Park. The park has a whole myriad of activities that can make your stay memorable. They include hiking, swimming, game watching and cycling.

Exploring the magnificent Hells Gate National Park would be the perfect way to start or conclude an expedition in Naivasha.

Destinations aside, places to stay in Naivasha are making revelers trips to the town more worthwhile. Massage spas and Self catering Cottages in Naivasha are just the cherries on top of the cake.




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