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92.8 km (57.7 mi) to the northwest of Kenya’s capital, lies a large town called Naivasha. With a total population of 198,444 souls (2019 census), the large town is known for its vibrance, hospitality and natural biodiversity. Furthermore, its thriving tourism industry means that there are numerous hotels in Naivasha for travellers to choose from. Here are 5 great reasons to book that suite and take this trip.


The Wildlife & Nature

Set in the naturally fertile Rift Valley Basin, Naivasha and its environs, is home to more than just the diverse set of cultures and communities that have taken up residence over the years. The region provides sufficient habitat for an even wider range of flora and fauna. And it all starts with the freshwater lake, Lake Naivasha, after which the town is named. To say there is much to explore would be an understatement. Numerous land, aerial and aquatic species live in harmony in this natural oasis. To live among them, breathe in the clean unpolluted air and take in the outstanding sights and sounds is an experience that will simply leave you speechless.

The Culture & Communities

The Lake Naivasha region has over the course of time been, for different reasons, an attractive settlement location for a lot of different communities and cultures. Dating back as far as the 15th century, tribes such as the Maasai, rumored to have come down from present-day Sudan, have come to call this place home. Since then, Naivasha and its environs have accommodated a significant number of communities of both national and international descent, making it a cross-cultural melting pot where individuals from diverse backgrounds congregate and live through and for each other.

The Maasai people

The Hospitality

There is an extensive selection of resorts, lodges and hotels in Naivasha. This results from the region’s thriving tourism and agri-business industries. Save for the coastal region, there are few other places in Kenya with the same level of capability and activity as far as service and hospitality are concerned. The town and its surrounding area are filled to the brim with highly competent facilities. From weddings to conferences, Naivasha is a prime destination to host any kind of event. Whether you’re planning for a grand event or a peaceful nature retreat, the town of Naivasha and its people are sure to be amazing hosts.

Panorama Park Hotel

The Growing Industry

Naivasha is also attractive as a potential investment destination. This large town, fueled by the globally renowned floriculture industry, has grown into one of Kenya’s greatest economical hubs, providing livelihoods for millions of people across international lines. The region also plays a significant agricultural role as one of the country’s primary sources of fresh fruit and vegetables. And as man continues to push the barriers of economic development, Naivasha with all its plant and animal life, sets the stage for widespread conservation efforts by national and international bodies focused on sustainability. The sheer level of business activity, including all the initiatives in showbiz and entertainment, makes Naivasha more than just a feel-good tourist destination it also makes it a prospective business investment gold mine.

Flower farm

The Historical Significance

Like many other parts of the world, the Lake Naivasha Basin is a region that has been tempered and molded by climatic and temporal factors into the form that it exists in today. The region holds historical significance from a geographical, political and social perspective. From paleontological expeditions in the 1920s to civil war-ending agreements and Kenya’s first international airport, Naivasha has been on the frontlines of Kenya’s historical development. There is much to learn regarding how this region seemingly insignificant region has shaped the country as we know it today.

lake Naivasha

The Lake Naivasha basin offers a great deal to explore, learn and experience. This region is a must-see for business people, leisure & thrill seekers, nature explorers and sociocultural enthusiasts alike. So whichever category you may fall into, booking a stay at one of the luxury hotels in Naivasha and taking this trip, if you haven’t already, is certain to prove a worthy investment of your time, resources and energy.




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